I often work to commission and enjoy the challenge of working closely with a client.  

We talk, I draw, we talk some more and eventually arrive at a unique piece of work.

I'm always grateful to be asked to create something personal and special, it is quite a responsibility, but such a rewarding experience.

If you would like to talk about commissioning something unique. Please contact me here





Below are some recently completed commissions.


A special piece to celebrate a 25th wedding anniversary.

Sunflowers had been part of the bridal bouquet, and I was able to use the optical qualities of the glass in order to show two halves of the flower joining together to form a whole. It was a very romantic concept, and a pleasure to make. 

24ct pure gold leaf on optical crystal.

Lark ascending

A lovely commission for an award to be presented at Les Azuriales Opera 2018. An annual competition for young opera singers in the South of France

I was inspired by a walk on the Welsh hills close to my home. We saw so many larks we lost count! Here is a stylised lark rising above the misty water gilded hills. 

Here is the worthy winner, Eliza Boom from New Zealand.

Engraved and triple gilded Optical crystal.


Lead crystal vessel with engraved water gilded palladium leaf. 

The nature of the metal leaf means that as the viewer walks by the vessel, it appears to flash from light to dark, echoing the movement of a murmuration of starlings.

This was an emotional piece that required experimentation and patience to achieve the final result.

Araneus Diadematus

This commission came via a gallery and so (unusually) I have had no contact with the client. It isn't always necessary!

The brief was very specific, a garden spider in a web. I was so happy to be allowed to work in my own style, and even though I am an arachnophobe, I enjoyed working in a disciplined way and in such detail. 

Optical crystal 20 x 17 x 7cms. Gold and Palladium leaf gilding.