what now?

the last 8 weeks have gone by pretty quickly. i grandly announced at the beginning that i was taking time off to develop new ideas etc and then promptly accepted 5 commissions. doh! the simple truth is that i need to earn money and this is my bread and butter. it doesn't stop me from thinking  about new stuff though, and i am planning what i want to do next year.

i'll be home next week so don't want to waste a minute.

firstly, i'm developing some 'functional art' pieces which i hope might cross the boundary into interiors. these will be on a larger scale and finished with some custom made rolled metal frames. Using palladium leaf instead of silver might be more expensive, but it will be worth it as it doesn't tarnish! i'll be working on this as soon as i get into the studio!

latest commissions:

i was asked to engrave some poppies, the favourite flower of a very supportive collector. engraving them at this time of year around remembrance day felt very poignant and i tried to do justice to the gentleness of the blooms and the weight of their significance. 

200 x 150 x 25mm optical crystal

hares are probably the most popular subject matter for my clients and i think this is the best one yet! it is always an honour to be asked to make something special to celebrate an event or mark a special occasion, but it is always nerve wracking waiting for the reaction...will they like it? that feeling never goes away and keeps me on my toes!

the pic shows a detail of the finished work with engraved 23ct moon gold leaf ears.

200 x 150 x 25mm optical crystal

looking forward to being back in my studio and getting stuck into new work, let's see if my 'thinking time' has worked.

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    Don Tate (Monday, 09 November 2015 08:51)

    Nancy, I am most excited to see your new ideas and how you are able to execute them with your well honed skills and the innovative ideas you always show with everything you do!

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    Jane Russ (Monday, 09 November 2015 12:39)

    The fur on that hare is just divine all that an patterned ears. Pretty wonderful 'ole girl!!