out and about, doing my thing.

autumn is here and i'm back in abu dhabi after 3 months away. trying to adjust not only to the weather, but also to the inevitable frustrations of being away from my studio and back at my mini desk. it may take a few days. it was a busy summer.....

may: back in the uk for the british glass biennale and launch of 'gravur on tour' a european engraved glass touring exhibition which has now been to lommel in belgium, epe in the netherlands and soon to open in rheinbach, germany. it will go on to estonia, finland, the czech republic and have its grand finale at the glass museum in frauenau in 2016. this is one of my contributions, more to follow as the venues get larger.

july:  art in action, where i was in the glass demo tent along with some fantastic artists. watching the glass blowers do their thing is the most fascinating theatre and it pulled in the crowds. so good to be in the same tent this year, i think the new layout  made all the difference and it was a fantastic show. 

september: bild-werk! i spent a week teaching drill engraving here at this international school of glass in bavaria and gave my first lecture to the academy. i had been anxious about it for weeks, well months to be honest, but shortly before i left for germany, all my nerves simply vanished and i actually enjoyed myself very much. i am quite a shy person so this surprised me and i was encouraged by the response of the audience. as i don't speak german....yet...i was greatly helped by having an interpreter who 'held my hand' . thank you heidi breit.

october: this piece of new work is currently on show at pardon mill gallery, harlow essex in the 'glasshaus X' exhibition. it was blown for me by simon eccles and is a bit of a departure. the pink silver leaf interior is really vibrant and the engraved magnolia blossom picks up a hint of the colour. i call it 'boudoir' as it looks a bit saucy.

this piece is also in the exhibition, a 25cm diameter mirror which is the first in a range of functional art for interiors. excited by the potential and hoping the feedback will be encouraging, keep your fingers crossed.

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